Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What's On My Phone - Jamie

Hey guys,
As you may know already, this week’s theme is 'What’s in/on my _______'.
So as I’m on holiday in Melbourne, it decided I would do a what’s on my phone.
I have a Samsung S3 that I love very much (Apple lovers don’t be hatin, I’m typing this on my MacBook).

Social Networking and Internet stuff
The brunt of my mobile network, and occasionally my home wifi, is my Facebook, Youtube , Snapchat and Fanfiction. I just can’t get enough of stalking people, sending very beautiful selfies to people and reading those sweet sweet words of euphoria.

I don’t have many games as they take up precious movie space. But the ones I do have include Candy Crush (mm gurl, you crush those candies), 
Cut the Rope (cause it was free lololol), IconPopQuiz, Jetpack Joyride, Little Lingo (anyone know the answer to ‘Define: derp’?), My Boy! (for my Pokemon cause you know I gotta catch ‘em all!), 
Solitare (Shutup, I’m cool) , Sporos, Temple Run and Whale Trail (ermahgerd so addictive).

My photos consist of photo spam by my friends and my little doggie. However, my videos have movies such as Despicable Me, Tangled, She’s the Man and the Karate Kid (Jackie Chan for the win!). My other videos are all episodes of Korean variety shows (I see those judgemental looks on your face!)

I’m not very productive so I don’t have anything for this bit.

Widgets, Homescreen and Lockscreen

I quite like my screens since I did customise them myself with the aid of a very helpful website called ‘MyColorScreen’. I am currently using Nova as opposed to the stock Samsung launcher as it allows me to customise my phone. I use WidgetLocker for my lockscreen.


Learn more about me on:
Blogger: http://oddityofone.blogspot.com.au/
Instagram: @JamieJae_

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