Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's in my beauty bag? Must need essentials!

I'm not really the eyeliner,make-up, foundation girl. I've tried all of them, and yes fell inlove. But i gave it a break and haven't had the urge to start again. And, If i did I would probably only do so for special occasions. :D But I am still a girl, so here's what I own for beautification.

Blistex- I know alot of people who look down on Blistex, and would rather have Carmex and Chapstick. Well forget you! I love Blistex, and i made sure to get a mint one besides a colored one due to the fact that, for some reason it feels like mint is just healthier for my lips than anything else.. Also, i dont have to worry about color match up. I love her just soo much, I'm being weird right....i know.

BABY LIPS! This is Peach Kiss, it didnt really go so well with my brown complextion, but i loved the heck out of it! Baby lips is such a pretty color, and it feels great. Honestly, though since i have been without Baby Lips for like a month due to how expensive the are! I realized Baby Lips, isn't GREAT just GOOD. It doesn't last so long, and my bestfriend feels the need to let her lips rape it, to get the full effect. So yea...I STILL LOVE THESE SO MUCH!

Yes, I lost this. Frown on me, I bought this for 4 bucks, and then lost it the same darnall day! It was sooo pretty. The color is Pink Punch, and it was so beautiful on my lips. R.IP
OWNED for a couple of hours

Baby Lips! I loved this one, because it reminds me of regular ole chapstick, just in a prettier container. I did use it all up pretty quick. Like really quick, how sad. This one is named Quenched!

L.A Colors! Okay, this I still have after for soooo long. Idk, i'd like to say my lips were pretty sensitive to this thick gloss. Not my fave, so it just sits in my bathroom begging me to use it. I do love the color, though! Shiny,glittery pink. Pretty. I actually applied some on top of my blistex :D

Okay i owned this red lip balm in this red continer it was my favorite. I cant place a name on it, though. I no longer own it due to the fact my bestfriend stole it :D


Secrets! I got this as a gift from my bestfrind for my birthday. It smells amazing! And it looks beautiful, we actually have matching perfume :D

Someday, aha I remeber mocking the commercials whenever it came on, Someday. Lols, anywho I got this for Christmas, it smell so fruity and delicious. And it's so light, unless your my bestfriend who raped my perfume too :D

Looking over at my list, nearly brings me to tears. (EXAGGERATION) I can't believe i call myself a girl, and barely own any beautification products. Before 2013 ends, I will surely have to remedy that :) Shopping :D So yep, I'm a pretty simple girl, Anything else i need for beauty i usually make lip gloss and lip balm myself, and any other beauty purposes Mr.PJ (Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) ) has always been there for me :D

Smiley Face,

Plus! Comment any suggestions on what kind of beautification products i should buy :D

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