Sunday, October 27, 2013

Amazing Alex: Religion (Homosexuality)

"Gay people are born and belong to every society in the world. They are all ages, all races, all faiths. They are doctors and teachers, farmers and bankers, soldiers and athletes. And whether we know it, or whether we acknowledge it, they are our family, our friends, and our neighbors. Being gay is not a western invention. It is a human reality." 
-Hillary Clinton

This week's topic is religion. I wasn't quite sure how to tackle this topic, but Pauline gave me the idea of homosexuality. I'm quite excited to write about this because I have a strong passion about it.

I don't want to dive "too deep" into the topic just because I don't want to offend anyone.

The Catholic Bible states that one man shall not lye next to another man, or so I've been told. Some friends are mine strictly state that you should not like the same gender. It's kind of like saying blond haired people can't like other blond haired people. Is that right?

I believe that the bible was written many, many years ago... and that there are some revisions that need to be made. I'm sure a lot of people agree with me.

A lot of people look down upon people who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual. I find this irrational because it can be seen as a form of bullying. I have heard the saying, "that's so gay!" throughout my school several times a day. I don't know why people say that because it's not a true statement. When someone does something wrong or when someone says something invalid that saying is the first to come out of some one's mouth.

I think people should rethink that statement before saying it.

I'm not really sure how to add to this topic... so I think I'll just close it once again by stating even though it may be against the bible, I still find it as a lifestyle to encourage. If someone just happens to like the same gender than we should support it.

Only 15 states out of 50 in the United States allow same sex marriage. Hopefully within the next few years that number will increase because everyone deserves equal rights.

One of my favorite talk show hosts is a lesbian, Ellen Degeneres, and I support and value her decisions 100%.

Thanks for reading! Xoxo,

Alex xx

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  1. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
    So true, acceptance that homosexuality lies within human nature and is not an 'illness' of some kind is so important!

    Have a great week,


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