Saturday, October 12, 2013

Eye Color Stereotypes

Have you ever seen one of those posts on Facebook or Tumblr where it says something like, "brown eyed people are the caring down to earth people blabity blahbity blah?" Maybe you've seen a t-shirt that says, "There's nothing like a blue eyed girl." Here's the thing, the merch is cute, dont get me wrong, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't swell with pride if one of those posts relate to my eye color, but lets be totally honest with ourselves here. None of that fluff is actually true.

If you've ever heard the saying, "Eyes are the windows to the soul," or believe it, then you'll get where I'm coming from. The thing is, no eye color can determine what kind of person you are. I don't care if you have the purest most beautiful crystal eyes. That doesn't make you a sweet little daffodil. For all we know you're probably a mass murderer. *Cough cough* Blue Eyed Butcher.(although I really did love that movie! Especially the ending! That chick was a boss!) And just because you have soft brown eyes, that doesn't mean you are totally caring and kind and down to earth, (Hitler anyone?) On the other hand...maybe you are all of these things. In the end, it has absolutely nothing to do with your eye color.

I personally think the only way I could ever decide what kind of person someone was before getting to know them and rather judging by their eyes is if they had white in their eyes. I mean, I'm sorry but gee whiz I've seen enough Supernatural and Charmed episodes to know that that is NOT cool. 

Anyways, It's an intriguing thing to wonder about. On one hand, these stereotypes could be very true. I mean, that's how stereotypes are born right? If enough people display these traits then someone will get the wise idea to jump to this conclusion. Depending on who you are, it may apply to you, or maybe not at all. Still, on the other hand, they are quite fun to read. So read over these and tell me below which one you are and whether or not this applies to you. Maybe I'm wrong, how about we all see together if these are true or not.

Common eye color stereotypes..

Black Eyes

"Black.  Black is a mysterious color associated with night, secrecy, mysticism, intuition, and magic!  Black eyes may indicate a deeply intuitive, sensual, and secretive person who may have psychic tendencies."

-My baby brother has black eyes. Although he's not very secretive. He's quite loud and hyper. Ermagherd! he might have psychic abilities!!!! or not? -.-
Lol actually its odd because the tops of he and my other brothers eyes are actually blue. Just a random note lol

Green Eyes

"Green is a vibrant and fresh color associated with life-force, vegetation, rejuvenation, youthfulness, and health.  Green eyes can indicates a youthful, compassionate soul who has immense creativity."

Blue Eyes
"Blue.  Blue is an intense and energetic color associated with the sky, electricity, and rational thought.  Blue eyes may indicate a forceful, direct person who has an immense vitality and a gift for insight and observation."

Brown Eyes
"Brown is a strong and rich color associated with earth-energy, creativity, simplicity, strength, endurance, and fertility.  Brown eyes may indicate a strong and independent person who feels a deep connection to nature and the earth."

Gray Eyes

Gray.  Gray is a fluid and subtle color associated with water, weather, changeability, mysticism, and wisdom.  Gray eyes may indicate a subtle and sensitive person who is attuned to the unseen and whose keen insight puts them several steps ahead of the crowd. 

Hazel Eyes
Hazel.  Hazel is an exciting combination of the inner strength and independence from brown, the compassion and healing qualities from green, the fluidity and sensitivity from gray, and the intense vitality from blue.  A hazel eyed person possesses all of these qualities 

So what do you think? Do you agree with these? Do they fit you, or do you know soemone who doesn't match these at all? images and

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