Monday, October 14, 2013

A Day in the Life of Lemmie

Okay so this week's theme is "A Day in the Life" and  I'm not going to lie my life is not the most interesting but here goes!

I woke up around 7:20 and got ready into my gorgeous school uniform. As you can see it is wonderful.  I did my hair and make-up like I do for a normal school day (badly and very, very quickly) with help from my bestie, my hair spray. And by "do" my hair I mean try and tame my lion mane int0 something vaguely socially acceptable. It takes me maybe half an hour to get ready, but I am always running around the house in a mad panic.
I then power-walked to the  beautiful building- site that is my bus stop. My house is about a five minute walk from my bus stop but I still manage to be almost  late pretty much everyday. Here is  my bus stop,my house and my street. Wow, just look at how picturesque that scaffolding looks. 

When I got to school it was pretty much like every other day, except Monday is the one day I don't have PE! So unfortunately no running around it the rain for me. I had biology and we dissected a heart which was fun, but I'm not quite sure what animal it came from. 

 Here is my school! I took this on a much nicer day than today because the weather was awful. Our school is kind split up into loads of different buildings for different lessons, which involves a lot of walking around in the rain.

When I (finally) got home from school at about ten past four, I went to my friend's for a bit. You can see us chillaxing here. We just hung out and did some super fun homework.

So that was my extremely thrilling day, I hope you enjoyed it see you next Monday!

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