Saturday, October 19, 2013

Leah's Dream Life

A Day in the life of Leah Lotus(The famed writer and billionaire.)

6:00 am: Wake up to the sound of my magical birdy friends and begin my day by brushing my sparkling white teeth and washing my acne free face. Breakfast with the family, then back up to my self designed bedroom.

8:00 Checks email and turns down the twentieth offer to make my book into a movie. C'mon guys, I already chose who'd produce it! No means no!

           8:15 after replying to as many fan letters as I can, I begin my online schoolwork.

                (No matter what world you're living in, school is always the same >.<)

12:00pm Finish with school. Take little brothers out to lunch and call ze best friend. Shopping.

1:00pm call agent and discuss writerly matters and then producer and discuss movie making matters.

         1:30 make a donations to five charities.

                 1:50watch television or listen to music with the siblings

2:30: Begin writing
3:00 still wriitng
      3:30take a break to surf ze net and have a snack

4:00 still writing


6:00 Go-kart racing with ze familia then back to our mansion.

8:00pm running on the treadmill
     8:30-11:29pm wriiting

11:30, shower, wash face, prayers

12:00 fall asleep



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