Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day in the life of Phoebs!

 Hello beauties!
My friday begins at 6:45am . By 7 I will have had my breakfast ( usually a bagel or museli ) and be getting dressed into my uniform. I cannot show you it coz my school would FLIP! 
Once I am dressed I brush my teeth, do my hair , pack my bag, makeup ( concealer, clear mascara and babylips ) . I have til 7:20 to do this, but who am I kidding , I spend about 15 mins of that on my ipad hahah. 
My mum drops my brother at his bus stop then drops me at the train station. I get the 7:40 train with all my friends who live in my area, then we change and get 7:56 to the station near my school , with practically EVERYONE who takes the train from the 3 local schools. It then takes 10 mins to walk to school, so I am there at 8:15 . 
So between 8:15 and 8:25 I am packing my bag and chatting. Then we get registered and at 8:30 we are at a house meeting. These are 4 groups in the school, of all ages. At the moment we are preparing for the house fashion show. Each year creates a dress out of recycled material, there is a model for each year (duh) and dancers . This year I am on a school trip to germany on the last day so I miss it. Boo. 
Then 9:00 , lessons start! A single lesson is 35 mins and sometimes we have doubles. This is how my friday looks : 
History - at the moment we are learning about the slave trade. It is quite interesting. Normally history isnt my thing. 
French - we are revising le passe compose - past tense. 
Break - break is 20 mins . I go on my phone , chat and pack for lessons. 
Double Chemistry - we are doing limestone in chemistry. I think. I find it really hard at the moment. Last year we did topics I kind of got so this year seems a bit tough. 
Double English - I love this at the moment. We are doing persuasive writing and in pairs we are giving a speech on certain topics. Me and my friend are doing Gay Marriage. I am really enjoying discussing this issue. 
Lunch - lunch break starts at 12:50 but as my year we can only get in at 1:00. It is always fish and chips on friday. I like me some fish and chips ;) 
For the rest of break. I just mess about with my friends and be typical girls . Afternoon lessons start at 2:00
Business Studies - this year, we do a term of business studies, a term of phycology and a term of polotics. Business studies is ok, but I am looking forward to phycology :) 
Latin - i have a really good teacher so latin is good at the moment. 
R.s - r.s is enjoyable. It is like a discussion lesson, yet we get down all the notes we need so for revision. I like R.S ( Religious Studies, I forgot to say)
So school finishes at 3:45 . Today I am going to a party , but here is what I do most fridays. 

We walk back to the station and get the 4:15 train. Then change and get the 4:35 . I get home amd litterally CHILAX. I watch tv, blog ( though today I wont be on my blog, SORRY!) , facebook, eat and stuff like that. 
Then I have a shower and wash my hair. If its late i'll sleep with it platted , but if not I dry it. Then by 10:30 I am in bed. People say they stay up on friday and saturday nights, but I am too tired! I do on sat though. 

Hope you enjoyed my day in the life, check out my blog for more me : www.geekchicnotes.blogspot.co.uk  and email me to talk at : peacockpout123@gmail.com 

Ta ta!xxxxxxx

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