Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Freaky Dreams & Also Aspirations For Life

Hey Everyone!

So I'm interpreting this theme to be in two ways. 1. Dreams as in what we dream at night, also  2. dreams and aspirations for life. I have discussed issues such as the second, ie hopes for the future.

1. Dreams we dream at night.

Personally, I don't really remember my dreams that well, I get flashes and the next day I get more flashes of the dream and it like works itself together into a weird mess of what I dreamt the night before. On Tuesday night, I had REALLY weird dreams, maybe I should tell you about them?

Well, the first dream was about maths class. Yes, MATHS. I have my Mid Term holidays at the moment and my teachers gave us a mountain of homework (which I have more or less finished thankfully) however, in the dream, I was back in school and I hadn't finished my maths homework! Cue my anxiety kicking in, panicking, trying to be calm and sitting in a classroom as the teacher checks to see if everyone did the work.
Weirder still, suddenly, in the dream, the teacher decides to bring us to the cinema to see a film? I woke up very confused and guilty so I started doing my maths homework!

The next two dreams (one from the same night and one from last night) are related to YouTubers. On Monday night I had been watching a YouTube video of Jack and Finn Harries penny-boarding around London I think. The next night I had a dream I was penny-boarding (skateboarding) with them! This sounds really cool, but I don't have good coordination in my feet (I can play badminton and camogie but I can't go on a skateboard, weird but true) so I woke up at like 1 am muttering, ''I can't go on a skateboard, why, why did I have a dream, like what?'' True Story. (I have had weirder dreams, like murdering people and whatnot but these are the dreams I've most recently had!)

The final dream I'm telling you about is one from last night. I can't quite remember it clearly but here goes! I was in London (my favourite place in the world) and I like ran into AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire (I had been up until past midnight on Tumblr reblogging gif's of them) and Dan was dressed as a Vampire (or actually was one) but I can recall being really happy and practically crying because I finally got to meet them! I woke up feeling happy, then really sad because I've never met them and they don't know I exist. (Fangirl Problems)

However, now onto dreams for my future! Yay.. the future (runs away from responsibilities) I'm seventeen now, which is really scaring me. I've less than two years left in secondary school, then I'll be going to college. I've been dreaming of finishing secondary school since I was a child, and going to college to become a primary school teacher. Teaching is my ultimate dream and to be honest, I have no idea what I would do if I didn't get accepted into primary teaching.

I do get incredibly terrified and anxious when I realise that practically everything I want in life at this moment, is decided by my Leaving Certificate results. In your LC, you can get up to 625 points (A's in all your subjects) and Primary Teaching is 465 points, which is A LOT. Along with certain grade requirements, I often wake up at night shaking with anxiety or before I go to sleep. It's scary when I think of it.

However more ambitions of mine relate to blogging and other websites. I love blogging and in less than a year, when I turn eighteen, I'll have the ability to get paid for blogging. In the Summer, YouTube also offered to make me a Partner-in-YouTube where you are paid depending on how many views you get on your videos, just like AmazingPhil, Danisnotonfire and so many other YouTubers. But due to school, I'm not going to accept it yet, maybe in the summer of 2014 I will. I really don't want to lose the opportunity but I also want to concentrate on my studies, besides, during regular school time, I have little or no time for myself to relax.

So that's about it from me! I hope you enjoyed that random post!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

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