Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's Wrong, But I'm A dreamer

I'm standing on stage, with a swanky award in one hand and Bruno mars holding the other. I lean forward to speak into the mic but no words will come out. Bruno bear squeezes my hand reassuringly and I feel the courage to try again. This time when i address my adoring audience, I can feel that the words will come. Just as I open my mouth to speak..


I lift my head from the sturdy plastic table, filled with books I've been sighing all day. Ahh the life of a famous writer. I realize my manager is glaring at me in a joking way for sleeping on the job. She nods her head to the girl standing before me with my newest book squeezed against her. She looks like she might cry and if she does, she better be into hugs because when I cry, I go all out. I look for my tissue box from the corner of my eye before smiling and taking the book from her hands to sigh. I scrawl my over practiced signature on inside cover and begin to look up to give her back the book but before I can...


"Leah, you better be doing your schoolwork." Sigh....Now I'm looking at my computer screen and praying my mother doesn't come behind me to see that i'm blogging about my silly little dream, within dreams, of fabulous daydreams.

What can I say? Some people think it's wrong, but hey, I'm a dreamer. I have been ever since my days as Barbie's personal stylist. Ofcourse that occupation was long over by the time I turned, 10...okay..13. The point is I practically LIVE on my dreams. My hopes, my random wanderings. If she who wonders is truly lost, then I must be the youngest world explorer and quite honestly, I'm fine with that.

(Song for the inspiration of the title, listen to the lyrics)

I feel like too soon in life, as kids and teens, we're forced to toss away dreams. I mean, I get it, we have to be realistic. Riding imaginary unicorns isn't going to put a roof over your head or food on the table, but at the same time in fourth grade i wasn't really that interested in sitting down with my counselor to discuss my future finances as a teacher because that's what the career test results said I would be. I understand, studying to become a doctor will probably be a better idea financially than an aspiring artist. But as a starving artist, if you're doing what you love, then you're genuinely happy despite funds(I mean, if you're completely homeless you probably wont be able to create your art and then maybe you're screwed but otherwise..) You can be the richest person in the world, but if you're not living your dream or doing what makes you happy then whats the point? 

Aside from my guilty fantasies of becoming a singer, I have another passion. Writing. For a while I didn't tell anyone in my family that I had decided my plan A(Plan B is musician) would be to be a professional author.  That was until I talked with my dad one day. he was explaining how as a kid, he didn't have a lot of money so ofcourse, his family urged him to become successful by all means necessary. At the time, he didn't know it yet, but pursuing that came at the cost of deferring his own dreams. Don't get me wrong, my dad is happy but he's not quite infatuated with his career either. My dad told me that day that whatever I did, he would support. He just refused to accept me aspiring to be anything that i didn't love.

Same with my mom. She explained to me one day that if she could go back in time, she would either become a professional dancer. Even though she never got to live out that dream, a few years ago my mom found a newer passion, teaching. This time she didn't let it get away. Now my mom is living her dream, she has her own school and though it wasn't a favorable transition as far as beginning finances went, I've never seen her more happy or fulfilled.

So in conclusion don't be afraid to believe in your dreams, to speak on your dreams, and to go for them with all you've got. Other people may not understand but in the end, the person who's chasing their dreams is the one who will have had the most exciting and fulfilling journey in life.


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  1. I can't think of myself doing anything else in life, than write! :) Professional Author is my Plan A, Plan B is to be a English Professor at this spiffy university. But in all reality I plan on combining Plan A, and B to write amazing heroic silly romantic novels, while teaching other people with thesame passion as I. Sounds great, if you ask me. But that's where I become a nerd...*lets the rambling
    begin* My friend literakky asked me yesterday "Don't you ever get bored writing?" My answer was "Hexs No, that's not even possible" when a better answer could've been "Do you ever get bored breathing?" XD
    Great post!


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