Sunday, December 1, 2013

Amazing Alex: Music

"People haven't always been there for me, but music has."
-Taylor Swift

Music has a way of translating complicated emotions into simple ones, if that makes any sense. I've been through a few relationships and some friendships that have such complex stories that are hard to translate. Music can dive into it and fish out those emotions and make me realize the right decisions and what to do next in an undefinable state.

I always find myself turning to music when I'm in need of inspiration. Taylor Swift, my idol, has taught me so much just through lyrics in her songs. People are going to be "mean" and they're going to "throw rocks at things that shine."

I can easily listen to her one of her songs and translate her story to fit my situation. Example, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" relates to this guy and myself who we're walking on a tight rope and we just weren't there to save each other. "I Knew You Were Trouble" relates to a guy that I shared a summer with. I knew he was a player... and I knew that he had a ton of other girls waiting and that he was playing them... I ignored everything and fell into his traitorous trap.

Taylor Swift got me through those affairs and helped me see the bright side of the situation. Now I know.

I used to get bullied a lot, as a matter of fact I still do. I'm called ugly, a slut, a b*tch, etc. I'm not gonna say I disagree with some of those things, but when it's said, it leaves invisible bruises on your skin that will never fade away.

As for other kinds of music, I listen to other songs by other artists. My favorite song lately has been "Marilyn Monroe" by Nicki Minaj. The song is so easy to relate to. It has words that are engraved on my heart, and they'll be scars there until the day I die.

Music is something that can get you through anything and everything is a matter of time. As for listening aspect it's easy to relate... if you write lyrics... they're even more definable and ratifying. 

I love writing lyrics. I can't really get a background tune or whatever, but the lyrics are the part that mean the most, at least in my eyes.

This song. I love it. I can't even describe how much I love it. it's easy to relate to, it's upbeat, it's amazing!

It makes me think of my current boyfriend... except instead of 17, it's 15.

I was young and naive, a blue eyed girl about 15.
He was beautiful and playing the drums- living his dream.

Clasped on to the night, when everything felt so right.
A moonlit walk, around 10 o'clock.

You're hand in mine, I never felt so fine.
Everything was perfect.

I'm currently working on a song. I absolutely love the whole idea of a fast paced relationship with it's crazy part... and then the soft spoken moments where you flashback to and you wish they could last forever.

My heart beat out of my chest, I love that feeling-
it was the best.

The stars danced and I had something to lose,
I hope I never lost it.

Something like that. I'm still working on it.

Writing music is one of my favorite stress relievers and just emotional expresser ever. 

Thanks for reading. Xoxo,


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Guest Post: Crystal - Where's my fairytale ending?

Well, hello! I’m Crystal and I’m your guest blogger for today. I run a blog called A Teens Guide To Life where I basically just talk/rant on the things I find myself dealing with and hope that others can find a way to relate. So, I thought it’d be appropriate that I did a little bit of the same on this blog as well.
Well, if you’re going to continue reading I guess you should now that I’m obsessed with movies. Comedies, Dramas, Historical, and even Foreign. You name it, I love it but ever since the summer before middle school I got very into one specific type of movie genre. Coming of Age movies.
They all basically have the same plotline where a girl/boy goes into either high school or middle school and faces a bunch of problems that in the end will mark the transition from childhood into adulthood. It’s pretty predictable but for some reason I’ve been hooked ever since. The summer before middle school I would watch movie after movie and read book after book to prepare myself for my transition from a child to a “woman of poise and maturity” and when I finally got into school, it was completely opposite from what I saw in the movies. School was hard and I was with an entirely new group of people but after a few months I found that I was nowhere close to transitioning from childish to mature. Of course, I waited and hoped that high school would be my time to become mature and experience all the cool firsts that the movies where telling me about. So I got there freshman year and things were so much better. I thought it was going to be my year and it’s going to be exactly like the movies this time! I expected I was going to have my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first heartbreak, and then bam! Instant adult, all in the course of one school year. So when I got a lot less than that my reaction was “I’ve been cheated! Where’s my boyfriend and newfound maturity?!” Truth is, that’s not really how middle school or high school is and I didn’t really realize that because I was too caught up in the movies. I expected maturity to come in obvious forms and wrapped up with a nice little bow but it didn’t. What it did come in was heartbreak and drama but in the end it actually did mature me a ton. I might have not done the traditional coming of age things but the things that I’ve dealt with have only worked in my benefit. So girls and guys, I guess the moral of this insanely long story I just told you is, don’t feel bad if you’re life isn’t following a very fairytale like path.  Nobody’s does! So if you haven’t gotten that first kiss or that first person who will change your life that the movies and books are guaranteeing don’t feel like you need to rush to go get those things. Life is actually a lot more like these movies than you think. We’re all going to eventually go through these things the only difference is they happen at completely different rates and in different steps. Your life can be like a movie but don’t rush through it and certainly don’t criticize it, enjoy it for all its quirky, difficult, and emotional moments. In the end, it’s just going to make you a much better character and the movie that you call life much more memorable. 
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Music & Aveen (This Will Be Banter)

Hey Everyone!

So this week's theme is all about music! Which I'm quite excited about, I won't lie as I have a MASSIVE obsession with music. I would listen to music all day if I had the chance, it's speaks when your own words can't. It's interesting as your music choice changes every second due to our moods. As I type this I'm listening to Panic! At The Disco as I find Panic! to be really relaxing.

So music is a massive part of everyone's lives. Hearing a song you like on the radio in the mornings can instantly brighten up your day. I was getting ready for school last Monday, tired and groggy from the weekend and suddenly I heard THIS We Should Be Lovers by Royseven. I literally squealed and starting bopping and dancing (badly) as I LOVE Royseven (psst the lead singer Paul Walsh follows me on Twitter and so does the actual band) However just hearing that one song made me feel so much better and the day started off positively.

Music can also help people in any situation, especially in a bad one. Around this time 3 years ago was quite a difficult time for me and I became obsessed with Paramore, a band to this day I still love. I listened to the entire albums of Brand New Eyes, All We Know Is Falling & Riot! on repeat for nearly two years and they still hold a place in my heart as some of my favourite albums.

At the moment I've definitely a diverse taste in music, my most listened to on Spotify at the moment are
Panic! At The Disco
The Strypes 
One Direction
The Coronas
Taylor Swift
The Script
Two Door Cinema Club
The Killers
Simple Things Collective (the entire album) (CHECK THIS OUT seriously, it's for a great cause, Cycle Against Suicide, an initiative I worked with earlier this year as a Student Leader)
Ed Sheeran
Fall Out Boy
Green Day
Arctic Monkeys
Imagine Dragons

Lately I've been listening to a lot of music, I feel I need background noise at the moment and I'm not quite sure why. I think it's because my school is such a noisy environment whilst my house is so quiet, I need something in the background to stop the silence. 

So that's about it from me,
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless
I'll See you all next week! 
Aveen xx 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Away to clean...

So, all of us bloggers will be away for two weeks, and during that time we'll be cleaning up this blog adjusting to the changes that have been made.

Two bloggers have left G.o.a.l.l.a.p, so meaning two spots are available.

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Amazing Alex: Dreams

"I was a dreamer before you went and let me down."
-Taylor Swift

I have so many things in this world that I want to conquer. I want to conquer love, the education to make it to a college of my choice, to have a career that I love, to write songs about my crush(es), and just live a beautiful life.

I found a way to connect dreams to bullying... two things that I am very passionate about. Dreams are something that I always find in my heart. As for bullying, it's something I stand up against. I have been through traumatic times when I was so depressed from people calling me names and other horrible things... sometimes those things come back and they haunt me... and it paralyzes me.

All I want... it to feel okay again. That's my dream. There are all of these social media sites... and the one that I get put down a lot on is my Someone told me that I was heartless. If we flashback in time, I was called things like "ugly," "a slut," "a hoe," "a whore," and I'm sure you know where those things lead to... "she did that with him..." and "did you hear what she did last weekend?" 

Truth be told I haven't done anything with anyone... I finally got my first kiss a few weeks ago. That's my biggest dream... to feel okay again... and feel wanted... and feel those feelings I haven't felt in the longest time....  

It's kind of like a heart attack that keeps coming back... it never, ever goes away. The pain... it just comes flashing back in echoes.

I'm tied up into swirls of misery,
Lost you and now I've lost me.

I've been surrounding myself with better people lately, compared to backstabbers, liars, and people who down me all the time. I've been around people who not only smell good, but who treat me like an actual human being.

I always find myself constantly looking back on my relationships with people... whether they're actual relationship or if they're just friendships. If you read my blog, my personal blog, then you would know that my most recent boyfriend accused me of cheating (with 3 different guys I may add.) 

This song is perfect. I feel like it's helping me recover from the tragic incident. I just picture him feeling the pain and the emotions that this artist is going through. It's not that I was "running around" I was just socializing... nothing more. A hug as far as anything goes. Not that that should matter.

I suppose that karma will help me get revenge on the one who broke me to pieces and let me bleed on broken glass.

My dream is to feel okay again... and live the life I've always dreamt of... which I have yet to discover.

Thanks for reading! Xoxo,


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It's Wrong, But I'm A dreamer

I'm standing on stage, with a swanky award in one hand and Bruno mars holding the other. I lean forward to speak into the mic but no words will come out. Bruno bear squeezes my hand reassuringly and I feel the courage to try again. This time when i address my adoring audience, I can feel that the words will come. Just as I open my mouth to speak..


I lift my head from the sturdy plastic table, filled with books I've been sighing all day. Ahh the life of a famous writer. I realize my manager is glaring at me in a joking way for sleeping on the job. She nods her head to the girl standing before me with my newest book squeezed against her. She looks like she might cry and if she does, she better be into hugs because when I cry, I go all out. I look for my tissue box from the corner of my eye before smiling and taking the book from her hands to sigh. I scrawl my over practiced signature on inside cover and begin to look up to give her back the book but before I can...


"Leah, you better be doing your schoolwork." Sigh....Now I'm looking at my computer screen and praying my mother doesn't come behind me to see that i'm blogging about my silly little dream, within dreams, of fabulous daydreams.

What can I say? Some people think it's wrong, but hey, I'm a dreamer. I have been ever since my days as Barbie's personal stylist. Ofcourse that occupation was long over by the time I turned, 10...okay..13. The point is I practically LIVE on my dreams. My hopes, my random wanderings. If she who wonders is truly lost, then I must be the youngest world explorer and quite honestly, I'm fine with that.

(Song for the inspiration of the title, listen to the lyrics)

I feel like too soon in life, as kids and teens, we're forced to toss away dreams. I mean, I get it, we have to be realistic. Riding imaginary unicorns isn't going to put a roof over your head or food on the table, but at the same time in fourth grade i wasn't really that interested in sitting down with my counselor to discuss my future finances as a teacher because that's what the career test results said I would be. I understand, studying to become a doctor will probably be a better idea financially than an aspiring artist. But as a starving artist, if you're doing what you love, then you're genuinely happy despite funds(I mean, if you're completely homeless you probably wont be able to create your art and then maybe you're screwed but otherwise..) You can be the richest person in the world, but if you're not living your dream or doing what makes you happy then whats the point? 

Aside from my guilty fantasies of becoming a singer, I have another passion. Writing. For a while I didn't tell anyone in my family that I had decided my plan A(Plan B is musician) would be to be a professional author.  That was until I talked with my dad one day. he was explaining how as a kid, he didn't have a lot of money so ofcourse, his family urged him to become successful by all means necessary. At the time, he didn't know it yet, but pursuing that came at the cost of deferring his own dreams. Don't get me wrong, my dad is happy but he's not quite infatuated with his career either. My dad told me that day that whatever I did, he would support. He just refused to accept me aspiring to be anything that i didn't love.

Same with my mom. She explained to me one day that if she could go back in time, she would either become a professional dancer. Even though she never got to live out that dream, a few years ago my mom found a newer passion, teaching. This time she didn't let it get away. Now my mom is living her dream, she has her own school and though it wasn't a favorable transition as far as beginning finances went, I've never seen her more happy or fulfilled.

So in conclusion don't be afraid to believe in your dreams, to speak on your dreams, and to go for them with all you've got. Other people may not understand but in the end, the person who's chasing their dreams is the one who will have had the most exciting and fulfilling journey in life.