Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Let's Set Sail! - Jamie

Hello, this is your captain speaking.
This weeks theme is YouTube, thus I have decided to talk about OTP's this Tuesday.

First of all, for those of you who live under non-wifi connected rocks, OTP means One True Pairing. Meaning that you ship two people, characters or anything together. SO your OTP is your ultimate one that you want to happen. I have listed by top 5 OTP's down below (it was incredibly difficult by the way)!

1. Troyler: Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley
First of all. Look!
 I mean they even have matching couple sweaters! 
 AAAAAnd One Direction and Hello Kitty stickers. Tell me this isn't true love. 

Can you honestly tell me that they are not adorbs! If they are not your OTP, you need to sit down. Don't lie to yourself, you know that deep down you love them.  
2. Zalfie: Zoe Sugg and Alfie Dayes

So so so happy that you guys are actually real! - not that my other OTP's aren't real. I can't even express how ecstatic I am for them. You guys can go and read Zoe's post if you haven't already. 

Don't even try and deny that they are not the most photogenic couple. Don't even. 

3. Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman (I don't know their ship name! Do they even have one?)
I swear, they have the most perfect relationship. If you guys haven't seen their vlogs,  which you most definitely should, you'll see how cute they are together and the way they look after each other. I can't even begin asdfghjkl. They are the cutest little thing ever. That is all. 

4. Malfie: Marcus Butler and Alfie Dayes

First and foremost, I want to address Marcus' butt. I think that it is big enough to encompass all the love in the world. No joke. 
5. Phan: Dan Howell and Phil Lester
I am most definitely a PHANgirl of Phan (get it? I know, I'm hilarious). I can't even explain to you the amazingness and perfection that is Phan. Just search up the Phan tag on Tumblr, but be prepared for some pretty weird stuff.

I will go down with these ships!

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  1. Omgosh! Troyler, their serious ly my guily otp :) Nice post, Jamie!!


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