Sunday, September 8, 2013

School- Lemmie


Last week I started my first day of year eleven, which is my fifth year in secondary ( high ) school and my twelfth year in education. Wow, that's a pretty hefty chunk of my life and I thought seen as how I am an extremely unorganised person, I thought I would write a list of nine things to bring to school. ( I am also starting to notice that I seem to be incapable of writing anything other than lists.) 

1) Yourself: It is important to come to school because as I have learnt from past experience, the day that I miss is always the most exiting day of the year. The days I am off school ill are always the ones where my  teachers go mental, a gazillion fights happen and the school catches fire, and I end up missing it all because I am at home.

2) Your books/ folder/ work: If you don't bring these in or in my case never do any homework then you like me will face the wrath of your teachers however, if you are anything like me then this will not deter you from being lazy and you will carry on doing things the hard way.

3) A smiley resting face: This one is a bit weird but I have found that everything is a lot easier if your normal face is smiling. Ninety percent of the time I have no idea what anyone is talking about, but what I have discovered is that if you smile and look interested people assume that you're listening to them (this is particularly useful in lessons such as maths where I tend to zone out after a couple of minutes).

4) Water: Because why would you want to be thirsty?

5) Food: Because why would you want to be hungry or if you go to a school like mine, have to eat the greasy, slimy, nasty cafeteria food.

6) Lip balm: I hate dry lips and in the winter I get them all the time so lip balm is a must.

7) A pen/ pencil: I hate having to write my notes in my own blood so I like to bring  a pen or pencil.

8) Coloured pens and highlighters: I love using these to doodle all over my book and make my work look pretty or to send elaborate notes to my friends.

9) Gum: Either chew it secretively and save it, or use it as a friend making tool, because everyone loves the kid with gum.

Good luck at school 
Lemmie xx

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