Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I struggle with confidence - Ony

                 "You can do it! " - Rob Schneider

As the title says, Confidence is something i struggle with on a daily basis. Some people have confidence issues where they need to be lifted up, and then there's some who have a sky-rocketing ego, defying gravity, that blatantly need to be brought down. I know some people can argue and say they dont have an issue with confidence, and they're simply in the middle. But how i look at that is there's times where there is a voice in your head telling you No, and then times when you wake up to a shining sun and feel incredible. Whatever it is to you, I want to help you and myself out with how to handle that pessimistic wretch in the back of your mind :)

So it's safe to say it's 

     (If you have been following my blog ; for quite a while you have had to seen a D.I.Y post i love doing them but have seriously havent done a crafty project in forever so I'm essssssiiiittttteeeeed!)

You Will Need :

Paper! - This does not need to ne fancy large paper. No, just simply something you can carry around, fold up, hide in your bra. (What? Your telling my you dont keep loose article of paper in your bra? (Not like that :p ) )

Markers! - Permanent, just something dark that will stand out bold, and where you can make scriggly lines whatever else you may need like,



So you get it, just a bit of handy supplies for a quick drawing session perhaps?

   So usually in my D.I.Y posts this is where I'd give you a bunch of steps, but no this is more like a free for all. The point of the paper is to contradict every harsh thing said or have been done to you before.

I've been called fat. So i write down the word fat in a random part on the paper but then i
want you to cross that word out and next to it put a saying,song lyric, qoute something that says your not fat. And i want you to say that lyric,quote,saying over and over until you believe or everytime someone calls you fat.

So you can go ahead and fill up the paper, with a bunch of other things that have been said in the past or wait for further incidents :/
Now go ahead stuff that in your backpack,purse,pocket bra somewhere you can be able to always add to your paper.

That's all, and i hope you try this quick D.I.Y out! See you later!

Smiley Face,

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