Wednesday, September 11, 2013

School themed riddles/jokes!? - Ony

  Hello, Everyone, Ony here! Woop! Woop! This is the second week of J.o.a.l.l.a.p, and if you didnt know this week's theme is shcool! I was going to talk about my school experience, what i like and hate, but quickly sided against it! Instead, im going to post ten riddles, the first five with the answers (we can laugh, together ;) ), the last five where you lovely people will have to figure it out! Comment below the answers, if you know them!

 1 .   Student asking his teacher: Do you punish people for things they don't do?
         Teacher: No.
        Student: Good, because I haven't done my homework today.

2.    Q. Why are school cafeteria workers cruel? 
         A. Because they batter fish, beat eggs, and whip cream.
                     'haha, i doubt the lunch ladies at my school do that. All they do is reheat frozen stuff they got from who knows where...'

 3 .     Teacher: How many seconds in a minute?
            Student: 60 
          Teacher: How many minutes in an hour? 
            Student: 60 
          Teacher: Good, now for a hard one, how many seconds in a year? 
            Student: 12 
          Teacher: 12? 
            Student: Yes, January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd...
                            ' I have to admit this one took me a while to understand :) But when you get it, it's pretty funny! '

4.      Q. Why did the boy eat his homework? 
         A. Because the teacher said it was a piece of cake.

5.      Teacher: Who is smart? Put up your hand. 
           Then all the students except Ken raise their hand.
           Teacher: Ken, why aren't you raising your hand?
          Ken: Because if I raise my hand than you'll be all alone.
                   'This one is my absolute favorite!! :)'

Now, it's your turn to figure some out! I chose a bunch of easy ones, so it ahould be easy!

6.      Q. What tools do you need for math?

7.      Q. Why did the clock go to the principal's office?

8.      Q. What object is king of the classroom?      

9.     Q. What is a math teacher's favourite dessert?

10.   Q. Where did the pencil go for vacation? 

Comment below the answers, and some of your favorite riddles! See you next Wednesday!

Smiley Face,

Also, i did not come up with any of these riddles i simply copied and pasted from this site , so no copyright intended ... that's what your supposed to say, right? :)   

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