Saturday, September 7, 2013

How to Become Youtube Famous from Leah's P.o.V

Youtube, the land of magic. Where you can stalk online strangers without being sent to jail.This magnificent place is every teenager of the 21st centuries safe haven, unless your parents block youtube, and in that case,
No! No! I'm just kidding, stay. In the case that you ever are allowed to witness this modern day magic, you might need this post.

There are so many youtubers who are just beyond perfect out there that when I sat and thought about it I couldn't choose a single one to post about. Instead, I thought back to the days where I myself used to want to create my own youtube channel and be stalked by dozen of adoring creepers online. Alas, it only lasted for about a week until I got a new puppy but incase any of you are thinking about becoming one of those youtube celebrities, here are some things you should and should not do.

You should...

*Be yourself at all times*

Change over time is inevitable and it can also be a really good thing. We all change as we get older. Some of us start wearing makeup, some of us break into new hobbies. There's nothing wrong with changing your outlook as you grow up or broadening your horizons to where you aren't focused on one set group of people or one specific hobby.

That said, just because you feel like another popular youtuber has more likes because they swear all the time, or someone else is gets a lot of likes because of his/her vulgar jokes, doesn't mean you should do it.In order to not start a fan war I wont mention names but I've seen firsthand, a moderately cool youtuber go completely opposite ways and loose a lot of fans. If you're sweet and funny and you have "your thing" on youtube, then be that person. It's okay to experiment with new video formats or whatever, but don't become a completely different person. Your subscribers(even if there are only a few) subscribed to YOU for YOU. If they wanted to watch a video about someone else, they would have subscribed to them.

*Interact with your viewers*

Unfortunately, only a few youtubers do this. I mean, I understand, I do. With so many viewers its hard to please everyone. But as a devoted youtube watcher I will tell you, seeing that a youtuber has replied to a comment automatically makes them a billion times cooler. Even making an effort to reply to at least one comment per video shows that you appreciate your viewers.Not just that though. Here are some great examples of youtubers who put that little bit of extra effort in.

Ryan Higa- Dear Ryan. 
He validates that even if he can't reply to all comments, he does read them. Viewers are allowed to ask "dear Ryan" questions and Ryan chooses a lucky one to create into a video.

Drew Verbs-Comments
I think Drew may be the only person on youtube who is semi-popular who replies to as many comments as possible and during the video even asks you your opinion like he really wants to know. As far as youtube Fame goes, he hasn't reached NigaHiga level, but if you watch his videos, instagram, twitter, or facebook you will see that his fans are devoted and absolutely love him.

Who doesn't love giveaways? 

*Have a catch phrase!*

Eh hm..

Like MazziMaz-Peace, Love, Rubber Gloves
(asfgkhdfxkdulx <3)

Or Ryan Higa-Teehee!
(I'm sooo buying a teehee shirt)

Or evenMarcusButler- Hellooooooo
(okay, this one is sorta creepy lol)

*Update regularly*

If you don't update regularly then the fans that you do have will get sick of you and unsubscribe. Well...if they're ocd like me. I can't stand inactive accounts in my subscriptions! They waste so much space it drives me up the wall! 

If you're going to make videos please have a set schedule. It can even be once a week, but people just want to know when they can expect their videos.I can understand it may be a little discouraging with only a few subscribers or vloggers block or whatever but don't give up! The time wasted not posting videos is time that you could have potentially had new viewers.

An exception to this rule is Charlieissocoollike, because his all of his videos are like, cool.

You shouldn't...


under any circumstances. If you do...

On a more serious note. I should rename that rule to You shouldn't make a donkey of yourself on video. It's pretty self explanatory.

*Create misleading titles to lure viewers*

I can't even articulate how much I hate this.I'm going to use a semi-specific example for this one. Once, I was on youtube and one of my viewing suggestions said something about interviewing jack from jacksgap. My memory is a little like that of an 80 year old woman but from what I think I remember, there was also the little video picture that showed Jack and a split screen and the interviewer kid.So, in my ignorance, I clicked it without looking at the author. To make a long story short the kid had created a video by taking clips from Jacks videos and mashed them with his own. I wish I could blame this kid's unfunny jokes and unbelievable interview for my nagging want to throw my lap-top out the window but I'm thinking that may just be a personal issue.

Second example. I was trying to watch the lyric videos for FIR's then new song and when the song came on...I don't even know what the heck it was. But it sure wasn't Ronny Radke. Not

* much*

There's nothing wrong with blowing off some steam at your viewers when they've made hurtful comments or are just getting on your nerves. However, if every video you do is you dissing someone or talking about how much you hate everyone and everything, people will get sick of you. Also, you'll probably lure in a LOT of trolls. Anyone on the Internet knows DONT FEED THE TROLLS. By creating a video based on you raging out, not only are you feeding them, you are hanging a big sparkly arrow pointing  to your channel that flashes the words "ALL YOU CAN EAT."

Some really good examples of ranting the right way would definitely be Jenna Marbles. Jenna knows how to tell you everything she hates without offending anyone and she ends up making you laugh. She's skilled in the art of ranting creatively by turning the things that annoy her into funny videos instead of annoying cover-your-ears-and-slam-your-laptop-down videos.

So, these have been thoughts on how to become a famous youtuber. Of course I probably left some vital things out or maybe there could be some exceptions if done right. After all, I am not a youtuber. But after all, this is my humble opinion on the topic, what yours?


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