Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Colleen Ballingar - Ony

Hey everyone! My name is Ony, I will be posting every Wednesday on this lovely blog! This week's theme, as you've probaly seen from Lemmie, and Jamie, is Youtuber week! Whoop! Whoop! I'm really excited about this theme, and it took me a while to choose who to post about since I love a bunch of Youtubers including but not limited to: 

I honestly want to do an entire post about each of these fantastic 
youtubers, but i can't, and as the title said i chose to do a post about my latest Youtuber fave, Colleen Ballingar - PhychoSoprano , MirandaSings08 -
So here's why i love her!

                                          1.       She's an amazing singer! And a great Friend!
       I'm not a humongous fan of Ariana Grande, but did you know Coleen's her vocal coach!? They're really great friends and I love watching videos of them banter :)

                           2. My O.T.P (One true Pair! ) I love Colleen with Joshua, I seriously live for these videos! This picture is adorable, but when they're with each other, their just so natural! Meaning theyre not afraid to fart :), burp :) , and I'm not joking they really made a video debating the best way to wipe when you go #2

                 3. My absolute favorite thing about Colleen is Miranda! Colleen one day decided to test her acting skill, so she made Miranda! And I swear i literally think they're two people! They're just so different! I love Miranda, so much because whenever Im sad, upset or in pain  ( Thank You, Cramps :/ ) I turn on her videos and I just love it so much, she brightens my day and makes me laugh.
    Not like she'll ever read this post, but ThankYou so much, Coleen!

Check out these four lovely videos made by/ with Colleen! And don't forget to comment and follow....if you want ! :)



Smiley Face,

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