Monday, September 9, 2013

School - Jamie

Hello friendables! 
This week's theme is "School" as you can tell from my very uncreative title. So I have started my third term at school for about month now. And at school you have all your essentials like paper, stationary, new clothes (from the school uniform shop of course ugh private schools) and things I hate. Thus I will be talking about what I hate about things associated with school. 

I hate it when:

1. People ask me for food.
I normally reply with "Aw hell naw! You go to a private school, you can afford your own food! And no, you may not have a gummy worm" *Stuffs face*

2. I get that feeling when you know you have school tomorrow.
Most of my Sunday nights are spent crying over the fact that I have to wake up at 7 in the morning. Pretty sure that not even roosters are up that early. Now you may ask me, why do you wake up so early? My reply: This face don't look this fabulous on it's own. Actually yes it does.

3. People have no sense of personal space - Girl! I can breathe my own air thankyou very much.

4. The school bus.
I get dropped off at school by my Mother dearest, but I catch it home. This means practically waiting for 5 hours waiting for it to arrive in the freezing cold - which by the way is nearly over. Thank baby Jesus. Once I'm on the bus, I strut my stuff and find a seat that isn't covered in garbage or sweat. Then when I need to get off the bus I have to explore my way through the sea of twelvies. This normally doesn't end well and I usually miss my stop.

5. Back to school ads.
No! Do not even try and make school look fun. You know it ain't!

6. The moment when you realise the terrible mistake you've made of coming to school.

7. Ending up with no stationary.
On the first day of school I've got everything, I'm practically a walking Kmart! I've got my pencils, my books a pencil case with stickers of my face all over it (jks jks). But by the end of term all I've got is a blunt pencil with no sharpener. Stop stealing my stuff people!

8. Lunch
Okay now don't get me wrong, I ain't hating on my best subject. But seriously lunch times? Either you get lunch that's breakfast or lunch that's served at 5 pm.

But it's okay because one day I will graduate. And It will be great. And I will laugh at the people still in school .. until I realise that there is still university.

If you guys have anything that you strongly dislike about school then comment them down below. I would love to know that I'm not the only one who likes to complain.


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