Sunday, September 22, 2013

Amazing Alex: My Room Tour

"I can't clean my room, because I get distracted by the cool stuff I find."

Hi everyone! It's Alex! This week I am posting about my room. I absolutely love my room- it's my place to do my homework, listen to music, blog, be alone, think, etc. It's just my little place to be on my own.

I'm sure most of you watch YouTube videos. Some of my favorite videos on YouTube include room tours. I think they're so much fun and they give me such great ideas for my own room. Enjoy!

My Theme
I really want to go to Paris. It's my dream to live there someday. I wanted to decorate my room so it represented Paris one way or another. I hope you like it.

When you walk into my room, this is the first thing you see- my bed! The comforter is from Bed Bath & Beyond.

I believe this is called a headboard or something of that nature. 

My nightstand! I have a lamp, my house phone, a hand cream and a lip balm (from Canada), a box of tissues (it's sniffle season), as well as a phone stand.
I probably should have organized this better, sorry! In this corner, I have my mannequin as well as  some Paris themed boxed with nail polishes, makeup, etc.

This is where I get ready in the morning! Towards the left is most of my makeup, and on the right is my hair products and body sprays that I use often. If I don't use them they're in my closet.

My desk! On the top, I have a ton of pictures with me and my friends. On the shelf below that, I have a picture as well as some random things. On the shelf below that I have a piggy bank, and stuff for my iPad like the keyboard and stylus.  Below that I have sticky notes, my pens and pencil, my laptop, and two important stuffed animals. The one someone special got for me, and the pig is from one of my best friends. It has a not inside of it. Under the whiteboard, I have a binder and two notebooks for my blog. They consist of some of my favorite posts, ideas, etc.

Thank you so much for reading my room tour! I hope you liked it.


Alex xx :)

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  1. I can't believe that you have a mannequin. I really want one! It won't fit anywhere in my room though.

    1. Oh, yeah. I found it at TJ Max I believe. I couldn't resist!


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