Sunday, September 1, 2013

YouTubers- Lemmie


So as more and more people are beginning to watch YouTubers and vloggers, Youtubers are beginning to have a lot more influence on a lot more people. I thought I would share my top five videos of YouTubers using their powers for good.

1) Troye Sivan- "Coming Out": Troye Sivan is a really funny Vlogger, who shared his coming out story, which I'm sure inspired loads of young people struggling with their sexuality. Well done Troye! ( Mini round of applause). 

2) Sprinkle of Glitter - "Having Hope" & " Self Harm- Your Questions answered": I love Louise, she is so funny and a great fashion and beauty blogger and YouTuber. However I was also really inspired by her more serious videos about how to cope with rough periods in your life and self harm ( and I'm sure she has done more in the past,) For a lot of people my age, these are some issues that are really close to home and I thought she dealt with them amazingly well!

3) Zoella - "Dealing with Panic Attacks": Speaking of beauty and fashion YouTubers, Zoella did a great video explaining panic attacks and how she dealt with them. I didn't really know much about panic attacks before watching this and it was really helpful having her explain her experiences. Thank you Zoe!

4) NigaHiga- "The Christmas Ninja" : Ryan is one of my favourite YouTubers, he always makes me laugh and I thought that this video was too cute to miss out. It is basically just him going round giving presents and food to strangers  dressed as a ninja (!) .

5) JacksGap- "South Africa 2013 - Comic Relief" : So possibly the most adorable twins on the internet took a trip to South Africa with Comic Relief and their video raised a lot of awareness for the charity and also the serious problem of HIV and AIDS.

I'm sure I have missed a ton out ( mainly because I only mentioned five, ) so comment any YouTubers who have made videos that have inspired you. 

Lemmie x


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