Sunday, September 22, 2013

Makeup and Confidence - Phoebs

Hello Beauties!
This week the theme is confidence! As you know, if you read my blog (    Just saying ) you know I love beauty and makeup! So what better to talk about on this blog? ;) 
I personally have never struggled with confidence issues. Yes, I can come accros shy but not under confident. I love acting , so I believe anyone can act as anyone no matter what their situation coz your acting right? So be yourself but ACT confident.

Anyways , I do not use makeup to cover up my flaws, I use it to enhance my good parts. Like I might have one massive red spot on my skin ( I currently have 3 massive ones... Sigh) but I try and do great eyemakeup or a bright lipstick. I believe you can tell how insecure someone is by their makeup: if they were none they are shy, if they wear a little ( mascara, lipgloss) they are boosting their confidence, if they wear an average amount they are happy in their own skin and if it is caked on they are insecure. Now I might not be right at all, but in some situations I am. 

Now you might think this is hypocritical , considering I wear concealer. But there is a difference from concealing the odd spot to having 3 layers of foundation , conceler on every imperfection and bronzer. 

What I am trying to say is, be confident ,everyone feels a little bit ( or a lot, but you shouldn't ) insecure about your face. Do what makes you feel good, but trust me, people will judge you if you look too orange or have too much eyeliner on or too thick eyebrows etc. they shouldnt, but thats the society that we live in. But don't judge a book by its cover. Embrace what god gave you. 

Final thing. I am posting a pic of  myself with no makeup and what I like about my natural face. On your blog, it would be amazing if you could write a post about confidence and post a pic of you and your makeup free face. Lets get this out there and spread the word. ( I have a feeling no one will do this but whatever. And please do! Then email me when you have :  ) 
So this is me, makeup free! ( yay it rhymed ) 
I like: 
My eyes
My eyebrows 
My nose 

I hope you enjoyed the post, and continue the makeup free face thingie! 
Ta ta!xxxxxx

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  1. Great post Phoebs! I agree, wearing makeup doesnt mean you have a low self esteem. I don't wear concealer or anything, but I do wear mascara and lip gloss and tinted lip balm. I just like it because I like the shape of my eyes and mascara and eyeliner makes that pop. A youtuber I watch, Drew Verbs, said it best, use makeup to accentuate what you already have, don't mask yourself though.


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