Hey there, thank you for visiting 'Daily Thoughts' !  A collab blog with 6 bloggers and we each blog on one day of a week, except Monday where we leave open to Guest Posts! We are all small bloggers and Ony and Alex thought of the idea to create a blog together to share our thoughts. Each week we have a different topic and we write a post with our spin on it.
Note: When we first started we had three other amazing bloggers that decided to leave this blog due to school, Jamie,  Lemmie , Leah . We miss you!

Monday- Guest Posts!

 Anyone can guest post on this blig about anything and everything , - well as long as it's appropriate - Even if you don't have a blog, who cares! To guest post on Monday make sure you're following this blog either by email or blogger, then Email me your full in- detail post!

Tuesday- Grace

Wednesday- Ony

Hello, I'm Ony! A crafty book loving teen who has a keen interest in fashion and stuff! I love writing, and plan on making it big one day, but you didnt really ask about that. So the basics I'm a young teenager (my exact age is a secret shhh!) Im from America, (California to be exact) and i started blogging June, 2013! Visit my blog, leave some comments which i get back to very quickly (thanks to my inactive,boring life) and dont be afraid to email me whenever at If you just want to say hi, you can most likely catch me on the chatbox, thingies! I'm always online :) Yep...I sound interesting! My life is so unpredictable.

See you later!

Thursday- Aveen

Hey Everyone! I'm Aveen and I'm the crazy fangirl of The Life Of Me. I write mainly lifestyle and I also make YouTube videos! I live in Ireland so yes, I'm Irish! I love reading books (I've a John Green book shrine) and writing my own stories and poetry occasionally. I'm obsessed with Tumblr & Twitter. I'm part of lots of fandoms too so we can cry over characters overwhelming perfection together! (Dantesers is my OTP) My email is and my more personal email is (I check both daily) My other relevant links are on my blog, I love reading your comments, tweets, asks, emails and more!

Friday- Phoebs

Hello Beauties! I am phoebs and I am the author of geek chic notes . I write beauty, fashion , lifestyle and fun posts :) Please go check out my blog, I hope you like it!
I live in england,  I write songs and I am addicted to Keeping up with the Kardashians.
My email -    I love reading your emails , it can be about absaloutely anything xxxx


Sunday - Alex

Hi everyone, I'm Alex. I am a member of this wonderful collaboration called J.o.a.l.l.a.p! I am a 14 year old girl whom lives in the United States. I have an addiction to my iPhone 5, which leads to my other addiction with social media including InstagramTwitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. I love spending time with my friends, playing soccer, listening to music, writing songs and living the life of a teenager. Feel free to email me whenever you want. I am always looking forward to talking to people. My email is

I'll talk to you beautiful people later! xx

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