Friday, September 6, 2013

How Youtubers Effect us

Hello Beauties!
So , if you dont already know, this week on JOALLAP is youtuber week! I did say to the other joallap -ers I was doing my post on Zoella, but I could not think what to write! So I changed it without saying ( I am such the rebel) 

Youtube effects our generation so much. Yawn this sounds boring. What I am trying to say is wether you like it or not, if you watch youtube videos they effect you. Like zoella inspired me to get into makeup. They all make you feel something, wether jts big or not. Like when I watch people do covers of songs, it makes me want to make my covers better. You see what I mean? You may nit realise it, but youtube can change decisions you make! Wow.

As well as a positive impact, youtube can make us feel worse. Seeing someone talk about a topic that happens to be personal to you, or someone judging people. Or people hating on your vids. Also when couples make videos.... Thats a bummer to many single people!

The internet is a whole world and be careful what you watch on youtube. As well, be careful what you post as it might come  back to haunt you in later life. So as well as a video has a short term effect on you, a video you posted might effect whether you get a job or not. Scary stuff right?

So , what I'm trying to say is, youtube is more than just a site. I cannot describe it, but their is a video on EVERYTHING and yes, youtube does effect us.In unimportant   decisions   , or life changing ones.And   we cannot help that ( unless we live under a rock and never use youtube) especially in this technological evolution. 

I hope you found this variation of the weeks topic interesting !
Ta ta!xxxxxxx

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