Thursday, September 12, 2013

School - phoebs

Hello Beauties!
Today on JOALLAP its me , phoebs! So I know a vague amount about american schools ( most from movies ha) so I thought I would tell you about english school . 
You have a primary school ,which is age 4-11 . There is reception (4-5) , year 1 (5-6) , year 2 (6-7), year 3 (7-8 . You get the idea) , year 4, 5, and 6. 
Now there is the private school system which is where the parents pay for you to go to school. This means the school has better features and smaller classes so better learning. To get into a senior private school you have to take an exam, which you begin revising for ( its only english and maths) in year 5. 
Then there is the state system which you do not have to pay for. It is normally a bigger school with bigger classes and less snazzy features - but there can be just as good teachers , which os the main part of school. But if your from uk and you watch tv shows like educating yorkshire or waterloo road, state schools can look worse. But its only a tv show(:   Anyways with state senior schools you do not have to take an exam, but you can only go to a school near by to you. As in you could apply to a private school wherever, if you take the exam and get in you can go, but with state schools you can only go to a state school in your area. The government need to keep the schools even I suppose. 

At senior school, the 1st big set of exams you take are GCSE'S. You take these in yr 11 (15-16 years old) . You have to take seven subjects at least (i think) which is english literature, english language, a modern language, three sciences and maths. Then at my school we choose 3 extra so we can choose history, geography, art, rs, music, latin etc.  We choose the subjects we do in year nine (13-14) and do coursework in year 10 and 11. Then we are graded on all the subjects by a*, a, b, c, d, e, f, and u. As you probably guessed, a* is the best, and u is unmarkable. 

After GCSE'S , you can leave school and go to the big bad world. But if you choose not to, there is 6th form, lower 6th (16-17)and upper 6th(17-18). In lower 6th you choose four subjects to do and you take  the exams for them at the end of the year. Then in upper sixth you do 3 subjects and take the exams in them. 6 th form is different from school coz there is less subjects, more specific work and FREE PERIODS. also  you can wear home clothes at most. 

After 6th form is uni, but I do not know much about that haha! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I was gonna do a funny one but this is very rushed and I didnt have time to plan! But I hope you liked the info. 

Ta ta!xxxxxxx <--- you know you want to ;) 

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