Saturday, November 23, 2013

Guest Post: Crystal - Where's my fairytale ending?

Well, hello! I’m Crystal and I’m your guest blogger for today. I run a blog called A Teens Guide To Life where I basically just talk/rant on the things I find myself dealing with and hope that others can find a way to relate. So, I thought it’d be appropriate that I did a little bit of the same on this blog as well.
Well, if you’re going to continue reading I guess you should now that I’m obsessed with movies. Comedies, Dramas, Historical, and even Foreign. You name it, I love it but ever since the summer before middle school I got very into one specific type of movie genre. Coming of Age movies.
They all basically have the same plotline where a girl/boy goes into either high school or middle school and faces a bunch of problems that in the end will mark the transition from childhood into adulthood. It’s pretty predictable but for some reason I’ve been hooked ever since. The summer before middle school I would watch movie after movie and read book after book to prepare myself for my transition from a child to a “woman of poise and maturity” and when I finally got into school, it was completely opposite from what I saw in the movies. School was hard and I was with an entirely new group of people but after a few months I found that I was nowhere close to transitioning from childish to mature. Of course, I waited and hoped that high school would be my time to become mature and experience all the cool firsts that the movies where telling me about. So I got there freshman year and things were so much better. I thought it was going to be my year and it’s going to be exactly like the movies this time! I expected I was going to have my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first heartbreak, and then bam! Instant adult, all in the course of one school year. So when I got a lot less than that my reaction was “I’ve been cheated! Where’s my boyfriend and newfound maturity?!” Truth is, that’s not really how middle school or high school is and I didn’t really realize that because I was too caught up in the movies. I expected maturity to come in obvious forms and wrapped up with a nice little bow but it didn’t. What it did come in was heartbreak and drama but in the end it actually did mature me a ton. I might have not done the traditional coming of age things but the things that I’ve dealt with have only worked in my benefit. So girls and guys, I guess the moral of this insanely long story I just told you is, don’t feel bad if you’re life isn’t following a very fairytale like path.  Nobody’s does! So if you haven’t gotten that first kiss or that first person who will change your life that the movies and books are guaranteeing don’t feel like you need to rush to go get those things. Life is actually a lot more like these movies than you think. We’re all going to eventually go through these things the only difference is they happen at completely different rates and in different steps. Your life can be like a movie but don’t rush through it and certainly don’t criticize it, enjoy it for all its quirky, difficult, and emotional moments. In the end, it’s just going to make you a much better character and the movie that you call life much more memorable. 
For more posts like this make sure you visit my blog and thanks so much to the girls of joallapcollab for the opportunity! 

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