Monday, September 16, 2013

My Room- Lemmie

Okay so here are my three favourite bits of my room:

1) So here are my bedside tables with a ton of make-up and beauty products sort of just chucked on there randomly. I use them everyday so never really bother to sort them out, but I love them and I love putting on my make- up in the morning and especially for special occasions.

 2) My wardrobe! I love my wardrobe because I love picking outfits and buying clothes. Its about three quarters t-shirts and I have way way too many. Unfortunately in the cupboard to the right is where all of my dreaded school uniform lives but I like to pretend that bit doesn't exist at the weekend.
3) I love this bit of my room; its got my birdie wall sticker, some cupboards that as you can see are mainly full of crap, and you can just about make out my "goats in trees" calender near the bottom. The cupboard that is open is set into the wall which is why it is such a funny shape and it is actually the space under the stairs, as there are stairs right next to my room. 

I hope you guys got to know me a little bit more,

Lemmie xxx

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