Saturday, September 28, 2013

Amazing Alex: Confidence

"To those who said I can't do it, well, watch me."

In my opinion, I think everyone struggles with this concept. Confidence is something I wish I had more of. Throughout my academic career I've been put down so many times. I could go on and on about names that I've been called- fat, ugly, a lesbian, a slut, etc.

It was really hard to talk to my parents about it, just because I wasn't comfortable. Anyway, a quote that my dad has shared with me so many times, has touched me heart- "Others put others down to make themselves feel better," or,  "those who try to pull you down are already beneath you." He's a man full of wise words, that's one of things I love about it.

I thought I could try a different angle on this topic. We have flaws- all of us. A lot of them. I thought I could tell you some of my perfect imperfections; maybe some of you guys can relate.

(1) Imperfection: My weight. I'm pear shaped and I can't stand having these thighs that are not proportional to my upper body. Although, my weight may be average for my height and weight, I can't help but wish my legs were like the models' on the runway.

(1) Perfection: I've read a lot of fashion blogs and tips for being pear shaped. being pear shaped means that I can wear really cute tops! Wearing pattern filled tops draws the eye up, so it balances out my body easier.

(2) Imperfection: I'm not sure how many of you guys know, but I have terrible eye sight. I absolutely hate wearing glasses. I've tried contacts, but I cannot touch my eye (no matter how many times I try.)

(2) Perfection: "Glasses make the woman," that's what I've always been told. In someways, glasses can be good. They make my eyes bigger... which can be seen in a good way. I absolutely love my eye color. I can do different eye makeup looks that people without glasses can't pull off as easily.

(3) Imperfection: My skin is awful. I have really bad acne and it gets really oily throughout the day.

(3) Perfection: There's not really a "good" in this, but I wanted to point this one out because it is one of my biggest insecurities.

Hopefully some of you guys can relate to some of my flaws. We're all made up of flaws and other beautiful things; I think that's what makes us so confident, knowing our flaws. We can only get better.

One of my favorite song that relates to this topic is "Release You" by Megan and Liz. One of the main reason our confidence fades is because of other people that want to bring us down. Sometimes we just have to release them- that's the message this song delivers. I love it so much.

There are a lot of songs like this, so I'm sure you'll find one that delivers the same message in a different genre.

I wanted to share with you my story and how it relates to the song. My confidence was fading fast when this guy kept pulling me down. He called me ugly and told me I was no good at soccer. As a matter a fact, he still does. He makes me feel worse about myself. He is always the first one to point out my flaws and imperfections.

The main point, is he always breaks me down. I used to try to always impress him and what not. I don't even know why. It was like I was torn, right down the middle. I would cope with it by writing songs and just writing about it. It would make me feel so much better. I would also talk about it with my family. My dad would always give the best advice. It made me feel a lot better.

If you guys are going through anything like that, I hope my story helped. If you need anyone to talk to, I'm always here.

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