Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday : Dreams

It's 22:57 on Monday the Twenty-Eighth of the tenth month of the two thousand and thirteenth year. I'm on the notes app on my iPod thinking of what dreams to write about because the wifi is turned so I suppose one of my dreams is for the wifi to be left on at night ! Earlier I was in a right panic as I didn't know what the present week's topic was so I asked Aveen, She couldn't recall it either but she checked her emails and was able to let me know that this week's topic is dreams so s/o to Aveen hahah and I was just like "no doubt my post is going to be all deep yet again" ! Another dream then could be that I don't panic so much because I'm panicking right now like what am I even going to write ? And then midterm only lasts a week and Monday's already over this day next week I'm back in school ! I've so much homework to do and I need to finish my art prep sheet and library book for English too so I'm just here like that could all take me month why do I only have a week ? Everyone says Third Year or "Junior Cert Year" as it's nicknamed, Goes by so quick that it'll be April and it will feel like it was only just October. I'm forced to agree seeing as the first half of the first term has flown by and I still keep thinking it's still the end of September or the start of October, I mean like tomorrow is the twenty ninth of October - It's two months since we went back to school, It doesn't even feel like two weeks. I wish away the Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months and Years, There is no doubt about that. Even though I like my school timetable and then there's the weekend, I still want to get everything over with and everyday I'm just counting down the days to whatever and then when I look back I get all nostalgic (since I discovered its meaning several days ago, It is my new overused favourite word !) and I realise at the end of everyday that I wasted that day just waiting for the end of it and that feeling makes me feel even shittier and want to wish everything away even more, I can't help it, I just do ! No doubt if August to October went by this quick, It can't feel too long until Christmas then. But I panic when I think about this because there'll be Christmas exams in December, Then its Christmas and i get all depressed at the end of christmas day and then theres new year which scares me, Then when we go back to school I'll desperately need to begin studying for the junior cert seeing as the Mocks (basically a preview of the exams like a mock exam of the final exams !) take place in February before midterm and then it's my birthday in March and after that it's Easter holidays, Then there's the Art exam and my Irish oral and music practical and before I know where I am I'll be spending my last classes in third year and alot of the people I won't be in class with again because they'll either be skipping Transition Year or we won't be in the same classes in TY and I'll be sitting my Junior Cert (ten exams based on three years worth of work woohoo !) in June. 

As you can see I wish away everything and I can honestly say that I cannot remember alot of good things that have happened because in my head I rushed them. My dream is not to wish my life away and for the days to feel longer,

Grace x 

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  1. Wow.
    I love this post!
    I want days to feel longer too, life is rushing by so fast.
    But that just proves that we just have to work with what we have and live the best we can everyday.
    This is overly cheesy I know but it's true 'cos YOL...
    Jk I won't go that far... Just make every day count and as Nike say JUST DO IT! hehe :)


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