Monday, October 21, 2013

Lemmie- Religion

Okay so  this is quite a controversial topic  but I'm going to just dive straight in!

I personally don't believe in any religion. I am an atheist, at the moment anyway. I am one hundred percent open to religion and I really couldn't care less what other people believe in (as long as they don't shove it down my throat).
I think the reason I don't have a religion is that  it just doesn't make sense to me, I like science and facts and  logical  thinking. I think that people can believe in what ever they like as long as they don't discriminate which is why I disagree with the view of some of my friends, who believe that homosexuality is wrong.
We have done a lot of work in school etc. about Christianity and Islam, and although I respect other people's views, it really does not make sense to me. How can I know which  religion is "right". There are roughly four thousand two hundred religions today and thousands and thousands in the past, how could any person ever know which one was correct. I always have the view that I only believe in one less religion than theists, we have both rejected four thousand one hundred and ninety nine Gods.

Perhaps my favourite thing about scientific beliefs  is the theory of infinite universes. The theory is that there are an infinite amount of universes with infinite possibilities, and because of that universes will be repeated but with slight changes. for  example some scientists believe that there is a universe where  my blog has one million followers and there is also one where I am best friends with Jenifer Lawrence. So, although this is only I theory I hope to God ( see what I did there) that it is true because I find it way more comforting that somewhere I have just won an Oscar, than any kind of religious belief.

Okay see you next week, Lemmie xxx

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