Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Did you know? - Jamie


It’s in everything that we touch, see, feel, smell and taste. It evokes different sensations without any approval. It may be the centre of or careers, the way we live, the choices we make and the fun we have. We are all familiar with colour and it’s basic concepts, but did you know …

1.Pink soothes nerves
Did you know that rowdy prisoners and aggressive patients usually have pink walls? Prisons and mental health care facilities use pink to suppress those annoying butterflies. So pink actually has a useful purpose – other than decorating Barbie’s dream house.

2.Bright colours will get you friends
Did you know that colours are responsible for 62-90% of first impressions? This means that if you prefer blacks and neutrals to yellow, oranges and pineapples then you might want to add some more vibrant colours and fruits to your wardrobe to make a better first impression

3. Did you know that blue is the most common favourite colour in the world – 40%

4. Yellow makes you hungry
Did you know that yellow and oranges are not recommended for use in kitchens as they are appetite stimulators. With the increasing obesity epidemic, it might be time for Sherwinn Williams to get rid of the bright citruses that have wrongly decorated kitchen walls for the past 5 decades

5. Colours can be frightening
Did you know that chromophobia is the rare, persistent fear of colours.

6. Colour is an imaginary friend
Did you know that it’s technically all in or heads. Colour does not exist at all. It’s just a side effect created by our brain when it is trying to make sense of our overwhelming surroundings. So if you ever find yourself in a heated argument over colour combinations with someone who has an IQ lower than your car’s maximum speed or is just simply colourblind, keep in mind that it is a pointless argument and you should stop immediately. You’re both wrong.

7. Mummy
Did you know that ‘Mummy’ was once a colour in ancient Egypt. The rich brown colour received it’s name from the actual ground up remains of Egyptian mummies. The Pre-Raphaelite painters of the 19th century considered it their favourite colour (that’s the other 40% for you!). The colour ‘mummy brown’ can still be found today, though no longer containing the remnants of mummified corpses.

8. Men and women see red differently
Did you know that the perception of red corresponds to the X chromosome. Therefore women are much better than men in distinguishing shades of red.

9. The best colour for a car is silver. 
According to statistics, silver cars are involved in fewer accidents. This is due to the fact that they are clearly visible on the road and under twilight.

10. Black and white have been very controversial 'colours'. 
Scientists believe that white is a mixture of all colours and black is the absence of colours. According to painters white is the absence of colour and black is the colour.

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