Friday, October 25, 2013

Religion - phoebs

Hello Beauties!
This weeks topic is religion. I am excited to post about this but it is a tough post to do! Anyways lets dive in *makessplashingnoiseinmind*
I could do a really heavy post, but I have decided to keep it light and easy - ONE DIRECTION (or any boyband fo that matter) 

Many 1D fans consider themselves as DIRECTIONERS. As an outsider from the directioner community ( not a big fan, sorry!) being a directioner sounds like a religion. Lets take a look : 
To be a directioner, you need : 
1D posters covering your walls
Every 1D song on your ipod/phone/mp3/general music player
To know about the background of every member, or be willing to learn this
Like 1D on as many social media sites you have 
Attend as many concerts/signings as you can. 
Be emotional with one direction ; if zayn broke up with perrie , you cry .

This is the same for belibers (justin beiber), jls -sters (JLS) and so on . 
So is 1D a religion? 
if you look at different religious traditions, yes ,directioners should be considered a religion. 
After all,jesus had an impact on the people at the time he was alive, so have 1D. 1D might not have done things amazing for society, but I bet directioners think they have. 

To conclude ( this sounds like an essay , ha) your love for something, if you treat it like a lifestyle choice, it could be a religion. Maybe in 500years from now 1D might be the biggest religion in the world? I doubt it, but who knows?

I hope you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out my blog!
Ta ta!xxxxxxx

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