Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday : Spirituality.

Hi ! 

This is my first week blogging on GOALLAP - I'm still pronouncing it like JOALLAP cos g's can sound like j's y'know ! So many apostrophises and I've just realised I haven't even introduced myself yet oops. 

Well my name is Grace, I'm an Irish teenager in my Third Year of secondary school and my blog is daintysprinkles.blogspot.com where I prodomainently, Spelt wrong woohoo for autocarrot, Basically I've mainly blogged about fashion and makeup but bits and bobs of life as well since April 2012 and I first began blogging in September 2010 when I was eleven and a half and I anonymously blogged randomly about my life and ranted. I also make YouTube videos dun dun dun and I read all the JOALLAP posts of the week gone by every weekend and because I'm in junior cert year, I couldn't join in originally but said that I'd fill in for anyone who had to drop out which I am now doing ! I'm really looking forward to being the Tuesday blogger although I should really put my rambling to a halt now ! 

So this week's topic is Religion. I really don't have much to say on this topic as my belief is that religion is a personal thing and I don't like to judge anyone for what religion they are, Not being religious, Being really religious, etc. . I am a catholic and have been baptised and made my communion and was confirmed when I was younger but at the present time, I'm more spiritual than religious. 

I was never really into my religion although I always went to mass every weekend when I was in primary school. In the past few years, I don't really have much faith in religion anymore. This is getting deeeep sorry I had to say that, I'll try not to ramble on. I feel like I'm at a stage of my life where I don't believe and find it hard to believe but I feel like there's a chance I may be religious when I'm older. 

I don't believe in nothing at all and I've been in a place for quite some time now where I can't see myself praying to get this time because in my head I'm like "it's never got me anywhere before so it's hardly going to get me anywhere now". I see myself as more of a spiritual person and I believe that there's faith in every human on this planet regardless of whether its faith in a religion or not. Faith comes down to believing in something not necessary a religion but even just believing in yourself and  believing that you have the strength to get through tough times no matter how cheesy it sounds. Even through the darkest times in our lives we have to find light in the darkness. Even when you can't see it and trust me it can be difficult to see it, We have to imagine the light and remember that the sky doesn't remain dark forever and dawn has to appear at some stage. 

I'm sorry for rambling and being very deep considering this is my first blogpost on here ! I really hope you enjoyed reading it and I'll talk to you's next week,

Grace x 

My blog - daintysprinkles.blogspot.com

My YouTube - youtube.com/daintysprinkles 

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