Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day In The Life Of Aveen! Aka an Irish Leaving Cert Student (Nearly)

Hey Everyone!

So today (Thursday) I had to do a Day In The Life. Due to a surreal amount of work, I wasn't able to take any photos for you all! But I'll write it out anyway, here goes..

So my alarm rang shrilly at 6.20 am this morning, Thursday. I actually did not get out of bed until 7 am due to laziness, the cold weather outside and lack of motivation! It was just myself and my Mum at home this morning as my Dad left the house at 6 am to drive to Limerick to collect my brother from University (His University is hosting ''open days'' for Leaving Cert students to look around the campus) so he has no lectures and he also needed some DIY done to his house down there) So it was very calm when I was leaving the house at 8am.

However, something weird happened when I was being dropped at school at 8.20. Across from my school is a pedestrian crossing, and (I've spoken about this on my personal blog earlier this year) about how I keep getting nearly knocked down on the crossing (due to one person on one side of the road letting me cross the road, me walking on the crossing and the driver on the other side of the road not seeing me, I'M 5'8 ISH YOU'D THINK THEY WOULD BE ABLE TO SEE ME.

Well this morning was quite cold and all the cars were fogged up, so we had to stay a couple of minutes to let the car defog. I was crossing one side of the crossing behind a girl (didn't know her, over 1500 people in my school) and I began to walk on the crossing. Then the car on the other side started to move.. where I was walking. Third time in 2013 this has happened to me. Why? Her car was too fogged up to see me. She stopped thankfully (I knew who she was, small town problems) and then waved me on. But her car was so foggy that I could barely see her hand moving.

So I continued in to school and with the rest of my lessons. (German, free class, so I studied. Agricultural Science or Ag Science. It's all about farming and it's actually really interesting. Double business, maths, double study and Irish) Thursday's are quite a good day for me, I love having two classes of study so I can start some homework.

I'd discuss more of my classes with you all, but I feel my teachers and peers wouldn't want me discussing items in detail which relate to school. I don't want to get into any trouble!

So that was about for my day, I then went home and started my homework, had dinner and finished my homework at around 9pm after some study and chatting to my friend Grace from Dainty Sprinkles on Facebook!

So that leads us onto now, 21.08 pm GMT/BST I'm laughing at the message I wrote on my whiteboard ''I fractured my motivation'' and my plans for now are, to finish and post this blog post, log off the internet ( a hard task indeed) get ready to go to bed and read a book and fall asleep. Repeat day with varying results beginning at 6.20 am (Sounds like shampoo instructions)

I'll see all you lovely people next week!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

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